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Our friendly techs in our iPhone repair shop in Ballarat do prompt iPhone screen repair ballarat and fix damaged iPads. We’ll fix your iPhone or iPad problem as quick as we can. Our same-day service is second-to-none.

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Mobile Phone Repairs Ballarat

Book your Ballarat iPhone or iPad repair appointment now! It’s easy! Simply call, text, message or email us now. Then turn up for your mobile or tablet repair appointment at 103b Rubicon St Ballarat, VIC soon!

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Full Genuine Warranty

Mobile Phone Repairs Ballarat

All our iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, iPhone screen replacements, iPad screen repairs, Samsung repairs and everything we repair or replace comes with a full 6-month repair or replacement warranty, depending on your original service.

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Pop into Smart Repair Specialist Ballarat and see Gary Wilson for your next iPhone, iPad Samsung or any mobile repair… Because we understand how frustrating breaking your mobile phone or damaging your tablet can be.

Yep, we know that sinking feeling when your iPhone slips from your hands and hits the footpath. Or slides off your lap and onto the tiles…

Worse—that awkward moment when your mobile, somehow, falls from your back pocket and into the loo. We’ve been there!

Actually, after more than five years of iphone screen repair Ballarat and iPhone breakages and iPad problems in Ballarat – we’ve probably seen it all

If you’re worried about what’s happened to your device (i.e. it really feels like an emergency!) …

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…because we may be able to help you reduce the damage, or talk you through the type of iPhone repair, iPad repair or
Samsung repair you need.
Your iPhone and your iPad are ‘Your Life’. True? They hold all your photos, contacts, videos, special memories, banking, music, apps and more – basically everything you don’t want to lose. Especially if you can avoid it.

The good news is we’re well-known as the go-to mobile repair technicians in Ballarat for successfully recovering photos and important information from your badly damaged iPhones, iPads, Samsung and other devices. So, your device (your life) is in safe hands. Ballarat has two universities, Federation University and a campus of the Australian Catholic University, the students from each university use us regularly as we are known for quality service at affordable prices for students.

Need several repairs done?

We offer great discounts for multiple repairs on one or more mobile devices. For those times when there’s a Ballarat iPhone screen repair plus other iPhone part repair, or you have two Ballarat iPads that need new iPad screen replacements, you’ll get a discount. You get the idea. We’ll look after your whole family!

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